Google My Business Updates for Medical Practices

When it comes to medicine, you must evolve with science and remain on the cutting edge of medical knowledge. The same goes for your medical practice’s website. Google is constantly improving and updating “Google My Business,” and you need to stay on top of that. If you want your medical practice to score a higher search engine ranking, you need to be aware and address these Google My Business updates.

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A huge factor in Google My Business is location and the distance from your business to the origin of the google search. When someone is looking for a doctor, they want to find the best doctor closest to them. Even if patients don’t specify the location they want, google will calculate distances. The new Google My Business updates reward those that verify their location with the search engine. You can do this by postcard, phone, or instantly from your computer. Don’t underestimate the importance of location in Google My Business, growing your practice depends on it.

Keep Your Hours Accurate

The recent Google My Business updates have increased the importance of updating your business hours. Google tries to keep every search detail accurate and up to date. If you change your business hours for a vacation, holiday, or management change, immediately let google know. Not only will Google take this into account as far as ranking goes, but if a potential patient calls to schedule an appointment and gets your voicemail, you could lose them. Use the Google My Business dashboard to alert patients to your business hours, this will go a long way in reaching new patients.


25% of Americans have visited a physician rating site. Patient reviews are a becoming an increasingly important part of finding a new doctor. It is important to add the feature to Google My Business. Patient reviews can generate interest in your practice and improve your reputation. These reviews could also benefit your practice by making the changes you read in the feedback. You should respond to reviews as well, this shows patients that you are engaged and care about how your business runs and is represented. Recent Google My Business updates value reviews and so will your patients.


The Google My Business updates have also increased the need for photos of your business. When your business is attached to photos, not only will your practice be more noticeable and memorable, but the photos will also serve as guides for your location. Photos provide a point of reference for new patients, so they know exactly where to stop when driving to your location. Stand out from the crowd and improve your search engine ranking by adding photos to Google My Business.

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Use Google as a Portal

Google My Business is the most authoritative resource for your medical practice, so you should use it as a one-stop portal. The new Google My Business updates encourage you to do this by specifying your name, address, phone number, specialty, etc. Google puts out this information across all of its platforms including Google Maps, Analytics, Adwords, and Google +. You will need to verify your identity and establish an identification number when using the platform. Google will give you results if you give it all of the information it asks of you.

Google My Business Updates

The best way to ensure you are on top of all Google My Business updates is by hiring a marketing agency for your medical practice. Grow My Practice Online is a team of creative and talented advertising experts dedicated to expanding your medical practice. Grow My Practice Online can design your website, promote your practice, and measure your online performance. They will optimize your search results so you can reach the maximum number of potential patients. Contact Grow My Practice Online to begin expanding your medical practice.

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