Creating an Effective Video Marketing Campaign for Your Practice

In the age of streaming video, standard marketing campaigns are losing traction. In order to engage your audience, you need to introduce visual elements into your campaign and video is king. Medical practices especially can benefit from video marketing because you get to show the public your face and allow them to relate to you. However, a video that isn’t compelling won’t do much to push your practice to the next level. There are a few bases you need to cover in order to produce a successful video marketing campaign.

Be Succinct

A few moments of scrolling down a social media timeline shows just how many people are trying to promote themselves through video. In order to stand out, you need to quickly deliver a strong and succinct message. Your video needs to engage its audience within the first few seconds, entertain them for a short while, and deliver the advertisement at the very end. If you are using social media as the main platform for your campaign, 10-second videos are a great way to accomplish these tasks efficiently. If your video is designed for a specific website, the video can run longer but should stay around the 30-second mark.

With an endless supply of videos to consume, your audience has very little desire to stick around longer than a few moments. Reel in your audience and don’t waste their time. Just like your patients don’t like spending too much time in your waiting room, they don’t want to wait around until your video peaks their interest.

Video Marketing for Doctors

Stick To A Story

Traditional advertising has gone the way of the dinosaur. Entertain your audience while receiving the information they find valuable, and storylines are a great way to deliver. Begin your video marketing campaign by fleshing out an interesting story that relates to your campaign and sticks to it. This doesn’t necessarily mean your video needs to be treated as a short film, however. Your story can be a collection of positive testimonials, but it needs to have a clear direction. Happy patients telling their story is perfect for a medical practice testimonial. Video marketing starts with a vision and expands from there.

Work With SEO

With video marketing, you should always remember that you are looking for measurable results. This is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes into the picture. An original video can maximize your SEO when you host it on your own domain. It is also important to enable embedding on your video. This helps increase inbound marketing links. You can upgrade the findability of your video by creating a video sitemap. Video sitemaps inform google about your videos title, subject matter, run time, and who the intended audience is. Design your descriptions, titles, tags, and keywords to target your audience and give google the most accurate representation of your video. Focusing on SEO helps ensure that all of the energy you put into your video marketing campaign is actually to potential patients.

Video Marketing for Doctors

Successful Video Marketing Requires the Right Content Creator

Videography is an art and a highly technical skill that requires a professional. Simply setting up a camera and producing a mediocre video won’t do much to expand your medical practice. This is why you need to find a content creator with the drive, creativity, and know-how to make a great video. Grow My Practice Online is a team of digital marketing experts that provide professional video marketing designed to help expand medical practices and attract new patients. Video marketing is just one of their many exceptional services. Contact Grow My Practice Online to begin your successful video marketing campaign.

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